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    1. Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.
      Garbage Dewatering Machine1
      Garbage Dewatering Machine2
      Garbage Dewatering Machine3
      Garbage Dewatering Machine

      CapicitySupport Customization

      Heat Source-

      ApplicationSuitable fo beer grains, chicken manure, kitchen waste, biological waste,etc.

      Capicity: 40-200(t/d)Cycle: 30-50(day)

        Garbage dewatering machine is suitable for pressing and dehydrating domestic garbage, kitchen (remaining) garbage, vegetable market garbage, and biological waste.

      National Patent

      Low Operating Costs

      Strong Stability

      Mature Case

      Product Working Principle

        The material to be treated is uniformly conveyed to the feed bin of the screw extrusion dewatering machine by a tool such as a screw conveyor, and is filtered by the spiral blade and filtered by the screen, and the water or juice flows through the screen to the water tray under the machine to collect. After being taken up by the pipeline, the dehydrated finished material is output through the conveyor belt. For the difference of material types and the change of yield, it can be realized by adjusting the dehydrator to achieve the combination of dehydration effect and output.

      Technical Parameters
      Model Power(kw) Speed range(r/min) Weight(t) Processing capacity(t/d) Floor area(m²)
      DLLXT250 7.5 125-1250 0.75 40 2.1
      DLLXT300 11 1.1 70 2.1
      DLLXT350 15 1.5 90 2.1
      DLLXT400 18.5 2.0 120 5.04
      DLLXT450 22 3.5 160 5.04
      DLLXT500 30 5.0 200 5.04
      Product Entry:
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